A bit about me

Photography, a love story that began during a slice of my life living in New York.

While walking my French bulldog Harry, through the streets and the avenues of New York, my attention got caught by broken bicycles, abandoned, deboned over time, like forgotten animal carcasses, lost in the desert,  another form of urban waste.

We are in 2010. Broken bikes, I see them everywhere. Photographing them has just become obvious, my smart phone in hand, I’m hoocked. The iPhone photography takes place in my life.

Driven by enthusiasm and encouraged by my close friends, the acquisition of a digital camera becomes essential.  Here I am in control of a brand new Sony NEX 5, now there is more to learn!

After bikes, concerts, extravagant parties, exhibitions, meetings with other artists, creative personalities and, of course, my handsome Harry, subjects and opportunities multiply and do not look like each other.  I ❤️ New York.

18 months later, back in Brussels where I am currently based, the fantastic adventure goes on with the development of my photo studio.

Step by step, the learning process continues: birthdays of young and old, openings, parties, parades, festivals, sports events… All kinds of opportunities that bring great exchanges. In deepening the portrait and reporting, I have a big crush on pet portraits, these pets becoming full members of the family.  Photographing these loving mugs lights up my life up and triggers my artistic imagination.

Today, the treasure of my affection, my source of inspiration is named RoseMarie, yes, another French bulldog!  Between you and me, there is also a wider desire, the essential desire to celebrate the animal cause, wild lives and energies threatened: great apes, animal nurseries, endangered species… But this is a another project, another story that is being built little by little. Stay tuned…

Then, there are the artists and creators who I get the joy to share the world with, to take the portrait, to photograph their works and the creations… For some, to create and realize the exhibition catalogs and for others,  the invitations.  The enhancement of graphical presentations reconnects me to my previous job, graphic design.

Now you know a bit about me 😉

Let's Work Together

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